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Leeds Motorway CCTV

These images are Crown Copyright and are supplied for re-use on this website with the agreement of the Highways Agency. Further information on this evaluation can be found here

The following cameras are available for viewing
M621 MP 6/0B A1M MP 39/8A A1 MP 55/3B M62 MP 129/9B M1 MP 303/7A
M62 129/3A J32 M621 MP 12/4A M621 2/3B J1W M62 MP 116/3A M62 MP 131/2A
M62 MP 116/4B A1M MP 64/1B M1 MP 302/2A M621 MP 11/8A M621 MP 9/2A
M1 MP 306/4A M621 MP 9/9A M621 MP 11/1A HfLink MP 1/3 A1M MP 46/0A
M62 MP 120/0B M62 MP 107/1B M62 MP 107/1A M62 MP 113/0B A1 MP 63/1A
A1M MP 46/7A M1 MP 305/2B M62 127/1A J31E M1 MP 298/2B M621 MP 10/4B
M62 109/8B J28W M621 MP 8/8A M621 MP 8/5A A1 MP 57/2A A1 MP 61/7A
HfLink MP 4/5 M1 LT MP 0/6L M62 LT MP 0/2L M62 118/5B J30W M62 104/5A J27W
A1M MP 51/5B M62 MP 100/6A M62 MP 100/5B A64 MP 58/6J M62 108/7B J27E
M621 MP 7/8B A64 MP 58/8B M1 MP 318/4A A1 MP 60/7B M621 MP 7/0A
HfLink MP 4/10 A1M MP 41/1B M62 J28 M62 MP 115/7A LofTNL MP 301/1B
LofTNL MP 301/1B A1M MP 65/7A M1 MP 311/8A
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You can enlarge CCTV camera images? Simply click the magnifying glass icon in the top right-hand corner of the image.