Leeds City Council


Leeds Mobile Travel Information makes real-time traffic
and car park information available on a map
on a mobile phone.
Visit www.google.com/gmm on your mobile web browser

Open Google Maps for Mobile on your mobile phone
Select "Find Business"
Select "Enter a new search"
Select "Find Business"

For Car Parks type in

For CCTV type in

For Roadworks type in

For Traffic type in

For VMS type in

Newsflashes within the Leeds area are displayed on a mobile device when accessing this area of the mobile site. Latest incidents or useful information are displayed in a list format with their accompanying details.

Leeds Mobile Travel Information allows access to listings of the latest traffic information within the Leeds area. Clicking on this link will show the roads affected by traffic events and allow for further investigation by clicking on the specific road numbers for further traffic event information.

Car Parks
Real-time car park information is available through a mobile device by clicking on the car parks link. The list of car parks within Leeds are then displayed, along with further links to each car park in Leeds. Each of these links can be used to find further information on a specific car park.

Up-to-date images from CCTV cameras within Leeds is available via the CCTV link. Selecting a location from the list will then display the CCTV image for that camera at that particular location.

Bus information for the Leeds area is available through the WY Metro link accessible throught the bus link on the Leeds mobile site.