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"This document presents the results and analysis of an online survey conducted to determine visitor usage and perception of the Leeds Travel Info real-time travel information website. The site receives in excess of 1,000 visits per day, rising to 5,000 - 10,000 on days when major incidents occur. Website visitors were queried about their opinion and usage of the site, including their frequency of access, use of site information and facilities; how the information influenced their travel decisions, and what additional facilities they would make use of if made available. The voluntary survey was conducted over a 6 month period from June to December 2008. A total of 304 responses were received. Key survey findings include:
  • 80% of visitors to the site will occasionally or often make a change to their journey plans based on information they find on the site
  • The perception of the website was favourable, with almost three-quarters of respondents finding the information useful or very useful.
  • The majority of visitors to the site are regular commuters in Leeds. Most are car or public transport users and fall into the 31 to 60 year old age group.
  • Almost half of respondents access the site most weeks or with greater regularity, and do so from both home and at work in similar proportion.
  • Most visitors were using the website to seek information on current traffic and road conditions, with a particular interest in congestion and roadwork data. Live CCTV images were very popular, as was motorway and general travel information.
Most importantly, many visitors were using the information to make informed decisions about their choice of travel, as indicated by the large proportion of respondents who frequently or occasionally chose another route as a consequence of the website indicating problems on their normal route. As the number of visitors to the website continues to increase, it will play a greater part in influencing journey decisions made by travellers around Leeds. Ultimately this will result in a significant impact on congestion in the Leeds area."

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Mott MacDonald
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