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The website has the following features available:
  • Map: A map showing the location of all traffic affecting Road Closures, Roadworks and Planned Events active now or in the near future
  • Car Parking: A list of up to the minute information on Car Parking spaces
  • Travel News: This tab contains a searchable list of all traffic affecting Road Closures, Roadworks and Planned Events active now or in the near future
  • RSS Feeds: By subscribing to our RSS feeds you can receive up to the minute travel information of your choice
  • Mobile Services: Access live travel information on your mobile phone with Google Maps for Mobile


The Map shows the location of all traffic affecting Road Closures, Roadworks and Planned Events active now or in the near future.

To navigate around the map, click and drag with the left mouse button. Alternatively use the directional arrow controls Directional Arrows
Use the slider control to adjust the zoom level. Alternatively, double-click with the left mouse button to zoom in and double-click with the right mouse button to zoom out. Zoom slider
The overview map, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the main map, provides context to your location on the main map. Click and drag the blue rectangle to re-center the main map. Hide or show the overview map using the arrow at the bottom right-hand corner of the overview map. Zoom slider
Return to the full view of Leeds and its surrounding region using the 'Full Extent' button Full Extent
Position the mouse cursor over an icon to see summary information about the event Tooltip
Click on an icon for more detailed information about the event Infowindow
Refresh the information on the map using the 'Refresh' button Refresh

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