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Google Maps for Mobile

Get Leeds travel information using Google Maps for mobile.

You can now access a subset of the travel information provided on this website using your mobile phone. Access it by entering the full URL below into your phone, just as you would enter a regular business search.

  1. Open http://www.google.com/gmm on your mobile phone or PDA
  2. Select "Find Business"
  3. Select "Enter a new search"
  4. Type in one of the following KML links for information relating to the topic specified:
    • Car Parks Info: http://www.leedstravel.info/carpark.kml
    • CCTV Info: http://www.leedstravel.info/cctv.kml
    • Roadworks Info: http://www.leedstravel.info/roadworks.kml
    • Traffic Info: http://www.leedstravel.info/traffic.kml
    • VMS Info: http://www.leedstravel.info/vms.kml

Earth Browsers

The same information above can be viewed in greater detail on a non-mobile Earth browser such as Google Earth or Google Maps.

In order to access Leeds Travel information in this way, complete the following steps:

Google Earth
  1. Download and install Google Earth from http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html
  2. Select "Add" --> "Network Link" from the main menu
  3. Enter one of the above kml file links into the "Link" field on the resulting popup window
  4. Click "OK" to view
Google Maps
  1. Navigate to http://maps.google.co.uk
  2. Enter one of the above kml file links into the "Search" field
  3. Click "Search Maps" to view

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Did you know...?
You can view live CCTV images on your mobile? Visit www.leedstravel.info/m on your mobile browser and select CCTV from the menu.